Wondeful Hamshen & Ani 4 days

Trip to Wonderful Hamshen & Ani  – Tour price: $ 230

The prices include:

  • Transportation (minibus 15-17 seats)
  • Hotel 3 *
  • Food (breakfast, dinner)
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Guide (Armenian, Russian, English and other languages​​)


Day 1
- As we leave Yerevan we will pass the Armenian - Georgian border, at the Bavra checkpoint, then we will pass marvelous Javakhk. After that we will pass through Aktash(Kartsakh) checkpoint to Ardahan, which is, nowadays, a region of Turkey. From here we will go to Ani on the way enjoying Wild ( Tsovakn) Lake. After Ani we will visit to Kars. Sightseeing in Kars will include Kars fortress, Arakelots church, poet Chartents' house ect. After this we will start off for Erzurum on the way stopping in the field of Basen, near the Shepherd's bridge at the carter of Araks and Murts rivers.
Day 2
- Sightseeing in Erzurum will include Erzurum fortress, St. Astvatsatsin church, the Sansarian College, after which we will travel to Hamshen. On the way we will see the Chorokh river, which is one of widest rivers of Armenian Highland. Also we will see Artvin town after which through the Borchka province we will get to the Black sea, near the marvelous Hopa town. We will see 48 meters high Tortum waterfall, we will go to the Ishkhan village by the devious roads, where is situated the Ishkhan monastery. Later, we will travel on enjoying beautiful cultural values such as Khakhukhavank and Oshkvank.
Day 3
- Here we provide a new portion of impressions. After having breackfast at the shore of Black Sea we will head to Arhavis, to discover new marvels of Hamshen. Here we will see the Double Arch bridge and the Menchuna waterfall (70 meters, walking through 1kilometer deep forest), later we will travel to Kachkar mountains. We will climb through the forests to Zilkale fortress at the top of the cliff. Then we will visit the Ayder famous valley which is a popular sight of interest with its beautiful forests, marvelous waterfalls,unique architecture with Hamshenian style, tipical local music and historical bridges, which were build on swift Firitna river.
Day 4
- We will travel from Hopa to Borchka (Black lake), and later on to Shavshat. In Shavshat we will see the famous fortress, and those who would want to will be allowed to climb the highest top of the fortess in order to enjoy the surrounding beautiful nature. return back to Yerevan.