Cilicia & Western Armenia 9 days
Տուր Կիլիլիա

Tour Cilicia & Western Armenia – Tour price: $ 790


The prices include:

  • Transportation (minibus 15-17 seats)
  • Hotel 3*,4*
  • Food (breakfast,  dinner)
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Guide (Armenian, Russian, English and other languages​​)


Minimum 14 people
If the number of people is less than the specified we will have to increase the price by mutual agreement.



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Day 1
- Departure from Yerevan. The capital of Armenia "Thousand and One Churches" - Ani. Passing by the medieval walls of Ani we can see the Cathedral, St. Amenaprkich, Gagikashen, Tigran Honents, St. Grigor and host of other churches and buildings in ruins. Overnight in Bayazet.
Day 2
- We can see the castle Daroink and the palace Isahak Pasha in Bayazet. After Bayazet we’ll go to the picturesque waterfall Berkri. After we’ll go to Van, and visit the ruins of a fortress Tushpa, Mher door, continue traveling in our boat crossing the lake Van, we will get the island called Ktuts. Overnight in Van.
Day 3
-Tour to lake Van, Akhtamar Island and, of course, an architectural masterpiece the church of Surb Khach. In Bitlis we’ll visit its unapproachable fortress, which establishment connected with Alexander the Great. Then we will come to Mush where we can see Church of St. Marine and the Bridge Sulukhi over the River Aratsanistay. Overnight in Mush.
Day 4
-We will continue our trip to Sasun, then Diyarbakir. Here we’ll see the Church of St. Kirakos and the walls of fortress historical town. We’ll visit Mount Nemrut, where we’ll see the monuments of Gentile gods and the royal mausoleum of Yervanduni. Overnight in Nemrut.
Day 5
-After Nemrut we'll continue our trip to Edesia, where we'll see the castle of old town and the pool of "saint fish". We'll visit Ayntap and also Hromkla. Overnight in Ayntap.
Day 6
-In Ayntap we'll see the castle and the Church of St. Astvatsatsin. From Ayntap will move to one of the villages of Mount Musa - Vakif, where we will visit rural Armenian Church St. Astvatsatsin. After mount Musa we''ll continue our trip to Tarson where is the Church of St. Poghos and the gates of Cleopatra where was the meeting of Cleopatra and Marcos Antonios. Overnight in Korikos beach.
Day 7
-In Korikos we'll see castles and then go to the capital of Cilician Armenia Sis. In Sis we'll see its royal castles and the fortress of Levonkla and Anarzaba. Overnight in Marash.
Day 8
-We'll be in the Armenian quarter and the fortress of Marash. After the tour in Marash will go to Malatya, visit the Church of St.Trinity. Continuing the tour in Kharberd (Eliazig) we'll be in its fortress, in the Armenian quarter and St. Mary's Church. Then tour to Erzurum. We’ll see the Church of St. Astvatsatsin, Sanasaryan college here. Overnight in Erzurum.
Day 9
- After Erzrum tour to Kars - the castle Karuts, the Church of St. Araqelots, the bridge Vardan, Charents House. Back to Yerevan.